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Bust of Emotions by Huan15
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Artist | Student
-Love watching animes, constantly pop out ideas but few of them are drewn or writtrn down...


Recently also became a serious mega Yami x Kaiba(seme x uke) shipper.

And developed a love for Yaoi in Digimon series (1-3)

-A slow updater...but finger crossed! OvO

--And Year 12 is tough and busy OAO

The English might not be perfect as English is not my 1st language.

欢迎同好们一起玩吶!Let's improve the skills together!

=v= Huan
Manta哥的视角/Manta's point of view

Manta和XANA拟人化有,ooc有,不适者请自行点。/It contains humanized Manta and XANA. A bit OOC. If you don't like, don't read. :)

I do not own any of them. They are Moonscoop's.
=Background: In Code Lyoko and start of Code Lyoko: Evolution, Manta is a monster that can not swim but only fly. However, in CL:E ep 18 (CL ep 113) it gained the ability to swim in the digital sea and seem to devituralised William.=

听说渣蟹最近被XANA大人叫去了Cortex核心区去打那唠什子的T什么ron。 / I've heard that recently Krab has been called in to fight with that Tyron in the core of Cortex.

是说我怎么看都比那笨蟹强吧?为什么只有笨蟹被叫了去还是一大队的?/ I mean, I am stronger than that Krab right? Why only clumsy Krab's been called and not only that there's a whole army of it?!

大人还给渣蟹"如履平地"的被动技能,为什么我什么都没有啊。/ Lord XANA also gave that clumsy Krab a new passive skill that allowed him to walk easily on any solid surface, but why I don't recieve any new skill?

"什么?XANA大人叫我过去?"/ "Huh? Lord XANA wants me?"

XANA大人歪坐在王座上,笑着。/ Lora XANA leans on his Throne, chuckle.

"Manta你最近好像有些不开心?是因为没派你出去的缘故,还是你没有新技能的缘故?" / "Manta you seems not too happy these days, is this because I didn't send you out or I didn't give you any new skill?"

"我没有任何质疑大人您的意思。" / "I...didn't have any doubt in you, my Lord."

"其实呢,你是我重要的战力,我可不希望你被敌人给研究透彻了。死了的话重新培养也很花时间。而且,我也有技能要给你。只是我之前一直力量不够。" / Frankly, your are my important strength. I don't want you to be thoroghly studied by them. Besides, it takes a lot of time to train another one. In addition, I do have a new skill prepared for you. It is just that I didn't hold enough power back then."

我只是站着,听着大人的话语。 / I just stand there, listen to my Lord.

"这是对你忠诚的表现与杰出的战绩的嘉奖。" / "This is a award for your loyalty and your outstanding performance."

然后我看到一道红光夹杂着黑色四散着朝我而来。 / Then I saw a red lightning with some black mixed in it flying towards me.

待光线散去,我觉得身体变轻了。 / When the light gone, my body feels lighter than before.

"现在你可以随意在水中穿梭了。那些小鬼也跑进数字海朝这边来了,Manta,你去迎接下他们。顺便给他们一个惊喜好了。"/ "Now you can swim in the digital sea as much as you like. Those kids are also in the digital sea, Manta, you can go and greet them. Give them a superise."

我闻言单膝跪地,一手撑着地面,低下头,所有的感情全部化作一句话。 / Hearing this, I kneel down one knee, with one hand on the floor and lower my head. All the emotions are turned into one simple sentence.

"遵命,我的主人。" / "Yes, my Lord."

一定不会辜负您的期望。/ I will not let you down.

打完了好累人要有什么英文错误欢迎指出!/ Yay finished! if there are any English mistake you are welcome to tell me!
Manta真是忠心!/ Manta is so loyal!

=Hope you enjoy it :)=


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